Monday, March 29, 2010

Our designer is away...

Hi dears... sales for handmade crafts are temporarily stopped as our designer (lil' sis) is currently out of the country. Sales will resume as usual in mid-April.

As for Victoria's Secrets items, business is on as usual and it's selling fast! And stay tune dears as we have more items arriving soon...

Monday, March 8, 2010

Accessorize - Part II


More lovelies, for showing off your wrists! Hehe...

I Love Strawberries!
Item Code: BR008
Price: RM 20
Remark: I actually made this for my self. ;) Only 1 remake possible.  
SOLD OUT! Thanks! :D

Heart filled with Love
Item Code: BR009
Price: RM 15

Item Code: BR010
Price: RM 18

Item Code: BR011
Price: RM 18

Floral shells
Item Code: BR012
Price: RM 25 (for the bracelet & earring set) 
Remark: The set can be sold separately at RM 18 for the bracelet and RM 10 for the earring
- Only 1 more remake is possible for this little set - 

Delicious body lotions

UPDATED - 31 March 2010
Soothing, smoothing, moisturizing, fragrant, seductive... these are just some of the lovely benefits of a Victoria's Secret body lotion. ;) Our stocks have just arrived, and they are definitely quick grabs...


From left to right:
Love Spell - SOLD OUT - Quantity - 2 units (Cast a spell on your loved one...hehe)
Brief description: Lavishly lush blend of peach, cherry blossom, and white jasmine.

Pure Seduction - SOLD OUT - Quantity - 2 units (definitely seductive...lil sis loves this. Haha!)
Brief description: An enticing blend of casaba melon, plum, and freesia.

Honeysuckle Belle - SOLD OUT - Quantity - 2 units (Sorry, dears. This quickly sold out just a day after arrival.)

Gilded Ginger - SOLD OUT - Quantity - 3 units (The scent is absolutely heavenly!)
Brief description: Christmas 2009 Limited edition Range. Each delicious smell is a combination of gingerbread, whipped latte and musk.

These exquisite body lotions come in bottles of 250ml, priced at RM 55 each.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dangles... :)

Among all kinds of jewelleries, I especially adore earrings! :D These are just a number of those I've made brand new. Have a look. :)

Item Code: EA001
Price: RM 10

Item Code: EA002
Price: RM 10

Item Code: EA003
Price: RM 10

Item Code: EA004
Price: RM 10

Item Code: EA005
Price: RM 10

Item Code: EA006
Price: RM 8

Item Code: EA007
Price: RM 10

Item Code: EA008
Price: RM 8

Item Code: EA009
Price: RM 8

Item Code: EA010
Price: RM 8

Simple Charms

A few more little charms that can be used to accessorize your bags, pouch, etc. :)

Item Code: HC002
Price: RM 5

Item Code: HC003
Price: RM 6

Item Code: HC004
Price: RM 6